Exterior / Interior colour combinations not available

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After much thought, several trips to the local Lexus dealer as well as to other car dealers, we finally put down a deposit on a new NX with Premium pack and panoramic roof - phew! Slight disappointment though - using the "build your Lexus" thing on the website, we came down to a combination of Mesa Red exterior paintwork and a Tahara interior in Dark Rose which pops up as an option once the Premium Pack has been selected. However, "not possible" we were told by the dealership. Ok then, we will stump up the extra and go for the Deep Rose leather option instead .... nope, that isn't an option either :-( .

So it is down to a black interior in Tahara - didn't trust ourselves to keep the nice White Ochre interior as clean as it looks when brand new!

We were told that Lexus will not permit certain colour combinations which seemed odd to us as they are building this car to order - does it really make any difference Lexus what coloured trim they use for our car? 

Interested to learn whether anybody else has come across this or is it just a silly choice on our part and Lexus are saving us from ourselves in the bad taste league table?

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The factory set certain exterior/interior colour combinations and then Lexus Europe / Lexus GB may further limit the choice.

The latest brochure suggests Red Tahara isn't an option at all so seems just a mistake on the website.

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Thank you - fair comment and the same conclusion that I arrived at ... eventually! Seems that you have to move from left to right with the builder, selecting colour first, then wheels, interior, options and finally, accessories. However, if you skip to, (in my case), options and then select "premium pack", you can go back to interior and get more choice.

No worries - but a wee bit confusing and misleading.

What is NOW a puzzle is that the towbar accessory no longer appears to be available to me - and it was a couple of days ago! My order has been placed but I wanted to look at the spec of the towbar - if such is available - to confirm that it would be OK for my two bike carrier and my two eBikes.

Ho humm! I have sent an Email to the salesman who dealt with my order.

Thank you for the response


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