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Ran my GS kind of accidentally today virtualyl out of fuel. Left home and the "miles remaining" was 11. Got to the fuel station just as the counter moved from 1 to "low fuel".

Any idea how much further I might have got? Light came on at about 30 miles left.

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How many litres did it take to fill it up? Where was the needle on the fuel guage.

I have found the low fuel comes on quite early. I have had the warning light come on, the low fuel message and the needle go through the red and out the otherside and still only got 65 litres in the tank, which is meant to hold 75 litres.

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Colin, you once again put me to shame with my stupidity.

Obviously I stared vacantly into space watching a dog with a puffy tail during the whole fill up, and as it was a shove your credit card in the pump then drive off afterwards job I didn't even notice how much it was.

What a Dipstick.

Still, it sounds from your description I'd have had enough for a round the world trip left in there, although not with any change from sixpence these days.

I'll have to repeat the experiment I think! Needle was ON the empty line. I'd rather hoped Mrs Satnav might have chastised me, but then that's just my own unenviable fantasy I suppose.

I wonder who she is.

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It will just sit there on low fuel (DVD version just stays on 0) she won't say a word. Maybe if you breakdown she will call you an idiot or something.

Letting it get beyond 0 seems to calibrate the system though so next time it will not reach 0 until there is less fuel left - well that's what I have found.

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