SC430 CD player USB AUX adapter kit

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Hello folks I am back to ask as usual

I have recently disconnected the Battery on my SC430 do a minor job and after reconnecting guess what the ...expletive **/+- CD player showed up error one and has not worked since for about 5 weeks now and enough is enough. So I am ripping it out once more but this time I want to make sure I never have to take it out again.  My idea is to fit a USB/AUX digital music adapter so if the cd screws up again I can leave it be and still play the music of our choice, the radio plays such dross these days like whats happened to music  errr I digress.  I have looked at various units as follows:-


Grom Audio  priced at £130

Xcarlink         priced at £79

Yatour            priced at £60 approx. but Chinese and you need extra cables I think which puts the price up further.


So the question does anyone have experience of fitting anyone of these units can anyone advise or recommend.  I am looking for the best value these days as I am what you call semi retired and whilst the Grom looks very good it has the Bluetooth feature which is extra to my requirements and therefore the Xcarlink or Yatour would suffice but I am not sure if they work as I have seen a couple of threads where one chap said they didn't and other threads saying how good they are.  So as usual any comments/ advice would be much appreciated thanks.




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I've been in contact previousley with Grom, there are a couple of variations. They will send pictures to ensure the correct cable.

The Yatour looks very similar to the Grom, even uses the same cable nomenclature.



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Sorry no experience of fitting the above but I only use Vaistech products and have installed them into three Lexus. Vaistech have been making plug and play units for Lexus for decades. Have used their units in SC, GS and now RX. Very high quality, full instructions and any problems they have a helpline where you can speak to the guys who design, make and sell them. No connection, just years of happy digital sounds in my Lexi.

This unit works with the SC. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for....



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