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How Far Did You Go In Your New Lexus?


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Hello to all,

I have yearned to own a Lexus for a few years now and finally it happened, on Friday 20 February with a big :D I drove off in my 2003 IS200se with 3500 miles on the clock, colour is Glenarvon Pine! I know, but I really like it.

Now to the point of my first post on the LOC, Saturday was work but Sunday was the day to try it out, so Sunday lunch sounded good but where? Harry's Restaurant in Aberystwyth of course a round trip of 386 miles with plenty of M4 and nice ;) Welsh A and B roads thrown in. The meal was really good but the drive was excellent, I still have a silly grin.

Is this strange behavior or do all new Lexus owners just want to be in their car all the time?

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Hi and welcome to the club...

No, your behaviour seems perfectly normal to me... I frequently take the 'long' way around just for some A-road action...

Get used to the silly grin by the way, it never fades...

And feel free to post some pictures of your pride and joy for us all to admire.. (you may want to add it to the garage too).

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Oh, and you may want to consider our GOLD membership too, as well as saving you money on servicing and parts at Lexus Dealers, and in the unlikley event of the grin does ever start to fade, you can also save a fortune on a host of tuning products to slap it most firmly back on!!

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Hi and welcome!

Perfectly normal behaviour. I've averaged 600 miles or so a week in mine for the last 3 years and guess what - I still love driving it (despite a lot of miles "parked" on the M25!)! 100k on the clock and still drives like new as well. I don't know when I'll replace it, but it will be another Lex. Deffo.

Enjoy it! :driving:

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Picked up my Lex IS200 Sport today before i went to work Granite Sky

then had to drive to work Oh no i thought

so a journey that usually takes 30mins today took over an hour

then even had the cheek to go out at lunch time and fill the tank


then i could not wait till 5 to drive her home

best car i have ever drove and owned


but as usual to the wife its a car dont see what you get so excited for

women dont understand :huh:

roll on tomorrow i am going to clean it after picking it up yesterday


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Sounds normal to me m8.

I had to drive from Rotherham to Glasgow the day after I bought it :)

I still have a huge grin when I drive it.

I've had more expensive cars, but to me, the IS200 Sport is the best car i have ever owned :D

The only car I'd ever p/ex it for, is for a newer IS200 Sport :P

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i drove approx 1000miles............

i had to travel all the way back to germany, the next day drove to Cologne and had the supercharger fitted, so within the first 24 hours i covered 1400miles...

hmm how many miles has it done in the last 12 month mat? :P :P

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