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Bmw 3 Series Or Lexus Is


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A colleague at my office is looking to buy a new car. He currently drives a 318 BMW and usually gets a new one every three years. How does the UK IS compare with its BMW counterpart? Is he better off with a Lexus? Has anyone made a similar switch ? I am looking for come convincing words to put his way!



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Hmmm, you will get a very biased answer on this forum....

But here goes:

For the same price, you could buy either a 318i or IS200 SE, the addtional things the Lexus offers are:

Leather and suede seats

Electric operated seats

Heated front seats

All round electric windows

Electric adjustable and folding wing mirrors

in dash 6-CD multichanger

Climate control

Electric Sunroof

17" alloys

Straight-6 engine (something BMW saves for its more expensive models)

6 speed gearbox (only available in the M3)

Similar handling (both RWD)

Doesnt have the 3-series stigma (seen as a 'cool' car)

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First off I could insure an IS200 for less than a Beemer of similar power!

My dad has a 320Ci...apart from paying lots of bucks to spec his car up to the same as mine..I have noticed a few things I prefer to the beemer!

The IS sound system is far better!

The IS is far more comfortable!

The gearbox feels more direct!

The brakes are much better!!

However, in contrast....although he payed for them...the beemer has a few nice touches...journey computer, steering controls to name a few, plus some of the smaller things have also been done better, more thought has gone into them!

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As I've said before, I think people should only buy a lex if they really want one, no point trying sell the benefits to your mate.

match door handles and body trim as STANDARD

powered, folding and heated mirrors as STANDARD

the list goes on.

I was looking at the c-class and 320 diesel, but they are way to common, audi a4 1.9tdi, stupidly overpriced for what they are, then I checked out the Lex, bwoy was I surpised at the price!! Always had they impression they were around 30-40k (they certainly look it)!!

I was first drawn to the Lexus Brand, from the Fish Brothers garage in swindon and through my passion of dancehall music. In Jamaica you could say a Lex carries more status then a Merc and Bimma put together B) !!! And when I saw the IS in 99, it was just love at 1st sight :)

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My Lexus IS200 Sport cost me £12,500 5 weeks ago.

Check my garage out too see the spec.

In comparison to a BMW, it is no where near as good, and I know, as I used to own a 99 325i a couple of years ago

Lexus is far superior mate. Not only is it far better value for money it is just simply a better car!

Nuff Said :shutit:

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i agree with jock, i had a budget of over £20k b4 i bought my lex, i tried the saab 93 convertible (which i put a deposit on, a 320c which i couldnt wait to get out of as i thought it was highly over rated, a jag s type which was just an expensive mondeo! and many more between, but when i took one test drive in the lex i paid cash and bought one and have never looked back. every sheep muppet has bought a 3 series, thats why there are more of them than there are ford fiesta's! dont let your mate become another BMW gimp, meke him see the light, why should he pay 7 grand more for stuff that shud be standard

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Lexus IS200

No it’s not a BMW 3 series, but for up to 20% less money, depending on the spec, that won’t matter- and who wants a 3 series anyway?

In a quarter of a century BMW has advanced from selling German engineering excellence to hawking DIN-standard snobbishness, a brilliantly successful ploy.

This increase in accessibility has also diluted its emotional appeal. You can see the danger signs. For the first time, over 850,000 cars were scheduled to be manufactured by BMW in 2003 – so perceived exclusivity takes a hit, no question. Around 75 % of BMW sales in the UK are the 3 series.

As far as the IS200 is concerned, you should also consider the extraordinary build quality that is synonymous with the Lexus badge, the lavish equipment levels, and the fact that you won’t spend your life passing nearly identical cars every time you climb aboard.

:D :D :D

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I would have to agree with the "chosen few" and opt for the Lexus IS200.

I also considered getting a "Bellybutton" (BMW). So called as every F*&^ER has one!!!!!!

But once i drove my Lexus my mind was made up!!

I'm not saying the BMW's are bad because they are far from it, But if your going for bog standard then it's not worth your hard earned cash, Top end of the 3 series is the mutts nuts but not many peeps have got that kind of cash to throw at salesmen!!!!

You get a lot more for your dough with Lexus.

Just look at some of the gallery photo's and you know your getting a cool car that makes people look twice!!!!

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I was in the same postion as you friend was a couple of years back. I had a BMW 318 and wanted a change.

I opted for the Lexus IS200 and never looked back since.

OK, the ride may not be as quiet but the comfort is much better, and hey come on with all the toys thrown in for free what more do you want.

Only problem now is that when I change my car next time, what car comes with heated seats, heated mirrors, electric seats, electric mirrors, air con + sunroof as standard items. Answer, not many. :D

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Only problem now is that when I change my car next time, what car comes with heated seats, heated mirrors, electric seats, electric mirrors, air con + sunroof as standard items. Answer, not many. :D

No problem - just buy another lexus :P :P :P

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Hope the 'new' model IS is not out too soon, seeing as I've got an order in on a current generation IS. According to the dealership, there will be a new model out in the near future, but no fixed date is set. Probably 2005+ I would guess..

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