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Its On

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:D :D :D

My Spoiler is on, not got any pics yet as i have covered car with plastic sheeting and am going to leave it for 2 days due to weather conditions, but pics will follow on Sunday.

Got it fitted by Nick autocosmetics uk, any1 else in North West region would fully recommend him

Anyway, shared my job with you all now. You can go onto next topic hehe

Any1 who does wish to leave comment press reply :P

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Does it look okay ?

looks great, Nick ended up taking the studs out of it and just go for bonding it to the boot. it fitted really tight on to the back of the boot but a slight lift on the right hand side. We have combatted that by resting a weight on it to ensure the bond is as tight to the boot lid as possible.

:D Thanks again Chris

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Ah Nick from Autocosmetics was meant to be fitting mine today but he never called to arrange it .....

I will give him a call tomorrow and hopefully he can get his butt over to manchester to do mine asap

I am getting the raised spoiler with the brake light (not the evo type but the other type !)

Sorry was getting carried away with me me me

GEt some photos up soon so I can see how it looks on an LE :D

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