Which used Hybrid with small budget?

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In a year or 2 plan to buy a Lexus hybrid.

Quite like the old RX400H and GS450h Both probably from 2006 onwards. Budget 5k.

I currently own a base model 2006 IS220D and so far it's proved a good car in the nearly 8,000 miles I have covered in it. Everything works as it should. cheap to buy and tax reasonable.

What are the older RX and GS450H like to own and drive? What does the road tax cost? Which is the better of the 2? What MPG do they do?

The RX may replace my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 lpt auto, which costs buttons to maintain and reliable even with 200,000miles covered. RX Should be safer as Volvo 940 an updated 740 so 30 year old design. Believe RX is cambelt driven. The RX looks a good size for a luxury workhorse! Do any come with adaptive/radar cruise control?

If I had 10k would go for a GS 600H!

Many thanks. James.

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Just spotted this old post. I had an RX400h (2008). It didn't have adaptive cruise control, just plain vanilla cruise control.  It was great. I had it for 5 or 6 years. In some ways I wish I'd kept it instead of getting the NX. The RX was faster and more comfortable. Not as cheap to run (28-30mpg and £270? tax vs 37-40mpg and £130 tax for the NX). The adaptive cruise control on the NX is one of the things that makes it better but it was an awful lot more expensive to buy being newer.

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