NX300h front and rear dash cams fitting

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I had a crosstour CR900 in my CT but couldn’t get the rear camera fitted neatly to the NX I’ve now got, so I’ve put it into the other half’s RAV4. It was ok to route the cable through the rubber ‘shroud’ over the wiring loom from  body to the rear door on that car. 

I’ve put a Nextbase kit from lexuspartsdirect in the NX now. It’s a very good value kit, but for some reason the NX fuse spur size (piggy back fuse thingy) isn’t included (so wouldn’t have fit the CT either, though the fitting guide mentions both models)

Luckily I still had my amazon bought spur from when I used it in the old CT, so have it fitted and working now. 

Has anyone managed to neatly route a rear camera cable through to their NX rear hatch successfully?

I looked into it but gave up as the loom and rubber shroud is so tightly bound that I don’t want to disturb them. Cutting the cables accidentally seemed a likely problem. 

When I had the crosstour kit in the CT I still left a bit of the cable showing - smaller car so the little curl of cable in the rear view mirror while the hatch was shut didn’t bother me - it would if I had to do the same with the NX. Hope that all makes sense....

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Ran the rear wire along the sill, tucked between the carpet and sill/pillar trims, up the wheel arch and to the roof. Just used some cheapy plastic trim tools so you don’t break too many nails.

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