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Black Is200 On A1 Out Of Control


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Was that you who lost control of their Black IS in the slushy roads on the A1 this morning?

If so bad luck fella.. good job that grassy bank was there.

10 mins before I had a pug 205 get totaedl in front whilst trying to overtake... silly girl overtook on the slushy fast lane

Took me 10 hours to get to Newcastle with the slushy roads, icicles on the windscreen wipers... jets freezing

what a nightmare of a day... 700 miles and been up more than 36 hours. Pooped! Caught the train home!

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the soarer was so dirty we could not see out of the windows.. i could not get it washed .. poor guy had to view it looking like it had faught in afganistan!

I will miss that car!.. lets home the GS can seduce me somehow

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when i had her polished i nearly thought twice.. damn she looked fine!

she looked so fine that when i was in the petrol station filling up some guys walks towards his car staring at the soarer... he walked into his own car and fell over.. plonker.. but good bloke for his admiration of such a fine motor.

I was worried this morning that if that pug had hit me the whole deal would have been off and I would have written the car off.

i drove 60 most of the way.. it was really bad.

anyway.. all done now

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