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New Gs300 Series 1 Sport Owner

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Yep.. picked her up today... what a fine motor... not a squeak or rattle from her... very tight mechanically. only the creaking of leather round hard turns.

drives very smoothly.. can hardly hear the engine sometimes. The engine is very quiet too!!!

All the electronics are faultless in fact all i can say is I cannot find anything wrong at all with this motor mechanically! The wheels just need repolishing and a good wax this car is amazing!!!

One tiny thing which could be something small but i get a small vibration from the wheels at 70+ ... may just be the balancing needed... anyone have this problem?

I do fear buckled alloy.. but if this is the case then I can fit the spare alloy from the boot.. which funnily enough is immaculate.

Pics to follow

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hi Stevie.. got the change for the you know what :shutit:

cheers whitebeam :winky:

apart from the dash display i love the motor... i hate the controls on the dash.. too cheap but heck.. i can put up with that as I have benefitted in many ways!

cat wait for the weather to get warmer so i can put some magic touch on it and get it clean throughout and get the leather conditioned

I am thinking of having the leather dyed black along with the carpets!

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That "first drive home" feeling is wonderful, isn't it?

I'd take the wheels to a good tyre place to have the balancing checked and get a report on "roundness" (I'm sure there's a technical term for it). I'm currently running on two round and two square wheels and am waiting to fit a set of Team Dynamics ones I got cheap on eBay.

Only other tip is to keep the radiator area clear of leaves, especially down the front. I let a few build up once and the radiator rusted through.

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good choice steve ,as for the vibration i think all of the mk1 sports seem to get it now and then mine had it a while back but new tyres and balancing sorted it ,do seem to notice it on certain road surfaces at about 80 mph so i just go quicker to sort it . :)

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Hi Steve

Congrats on the new arrival.

You were not in West Wickham at about 11am'ish today by any chance as I spotted a nice black Mk1 sport at the traffic lights by The Swan watering hole.

Theyu seem to be so rare these days when you see one you just have to drool!

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I collected the car at 1pm near Bracknall

The history of the car is at Guildford which i am hoping to view when i pay them a visit.

just a shame the laquer is patchy otherwise it would be prestine and an absolutely perfect motor from what i can see...

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A Lexus owner at last.................................. :D

No more rebadged toyota's :P

I know you will love the car :D

See you at Gaydon, and you can have that ride I promised you ;)

dave.. i need a ride in something slower so this one feels faster... hehe

its hard to not have the power anymore but i can tell you that the fuel consumption is much better.. very noticible!

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Yeah, nice one Steve.

Does it resemble this one?

209bhp :whistling: :winky:


looks exactly like that one jock!

i cant wait to get out there polishing!

hey pete.. cant wait for those dusty rain storms in the summer when one shower leaves your car like its been in a dust storm!

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