The car was hit while stationary - advice needed!

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5 hours ago, Vlady said:

to come back and they will do it again!

a salutary lesson here ......  my son-in-law age 51 is the YOUNGEST professional and competent paint sprayer etc that he knows and is aware of locally in Kent.

There aren't many left much at all anywhere in the country.

The training that new guys /gals get isn't good enough.

An ageing breed and the skills are vanishing fast 👻


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Just a quick update, yesterday I got a Qashqai as a courtesy car, not too bad but my leg hearts shifting the gears as the car is manual and diesel! 

Enough space inside though, decently quite and economical, so will do the job for now!

I got a text today from the garage saying that parts were ordered (no details) and once they get them I will be informed on how long it will take to repair it. I am planning to find out what exactly will be done and changed but they might refuse to provide that information.

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On 6/10/2019 at 9:31 AM, Vlady said:

To choose a body repair centre of my choice will cost me £200 on top of my excess as far as I can see.

Do I pay an excess if the accident is not my fault?!

You pay the excess initially and then claim it back from the third party insurance company 

9 times out of 10, they pay up almost immediately as it means they've settled - usually at a much reduced cost to them compared to if you went through a company like Auxilis

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