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Hi everyone


Am in pickle. 


Car was in an accident not so long ago. Went for repair through insurance. I had requestd then to inspect the exhaust as it might have taken a hit.  Few months back the rear section was replaced as well due to an accident before this one. Some guys did the work both the times.


Anyway, car came back to us and I was very busy to inspect it. I noticed recently some trim screws were missing and some car was making humming sound. Thought its the trims and let the repaires know amd they said to bring tje var in. I got very busy again.

Now the humming sound changed into loud drone sound. Inspected the car and found that the joint where rear exhaust meets the middle section, there is a pipe thay connects to middle silencer, thay 1 foot pipe is broken from the silencer...

What are my options? Thanks

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This is a common point for the exhaust to break due to age metal fatigue, and corrosion. It may be possible to have it welded. If the insurance agree to replace it they will possibly only pay a small percentage of the bill claiming betterment. "Making the exhaust better than it was before the accident".


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Welding or new stainless steel rear exhaust section.

Get a price for the rear section replacement and see what insurance will contribute and then pay the rest yourself.

This would be a lifetime fix for the car but welding is only a patch up job and suspect, as you suggest, the exhaust has been hit in the accident.

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10 hours ago, jackcramerr said:


Thats the exact spot that my first IS exhaust went at. Bought a stainless one after this and regretted it ever since. However, i did do a good repair on the broken part as i was using the car as a daily runner and i coudl not get a replacement for it quick enough. When the exhaust was off the car when they were putting the stainless one on i had a look at it and the repair was absolutely solid. No doubt it would have gone again at some point but it was a good fix.

If you have enough pipe where the break has occurred then you could add a flexi exhaust extension  -i have had a look through the documents i have as i am sure i took some photies but cant find any but i am sure i put it up in the forum how to do it ... anyway, the image is along the lines of what i used. Clamp one end over the bolted joint and shove the other end into the resonator. Gum it up or weld it ant it will last you a while.

Not sure of the length i used but it was shorter than the one in the image.




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