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Hi guys

I have a 2010 plate is250 se l model.

Recently the sat nav has been struggling to recognise some post codes so as the car is

nine years old now I assume it needs updating. Contacted my local Lexus dealer and

explained the problem and they agreed a update would sort the problem out, I then asked

how often do these updates come out as I didn't want to update my system only to find out

that a newer version was due out in the near future. I was then told that system updates

come out every six to twelve months, then came the biggest  shock of all the price £375.

I have had conflicting information regarding these updates some say it is a disc and others

say it is a program that you pay for and down load onto a pen drive and plug into your

USB port in the car.

I would appreciate any help and information on this mater.

Just want to say thanks in advance for your help and support.


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Sounds to me like someone at the dealership is a bit out of kilter!!

Assuming you have HDD system, you should have, as its a 2010 model.

You get updated via a usb drive. That can only be done at the dealership...find another!! The port is behind the dash cover.

Takes about an hour, and last time I did it .... it was £160. Doubt very much the data would be updated every 6 months...that's bonkers. Map data does not change that much so go for it every 4-5 years or so.

If it's got a DVD drive then you can do that yourself with a newer DVD from the likes of Ebay.

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It's actually pretty disgusting how much they charge to update car inbuilt satnavs. Not just Lexus..
And car satnavs are plain dumb.
From Sheffield I put in postcode for Southampton port in my 407 which had up-to-date mapping. Fastest route just for a laugh. I knew the way id go as I'm a HGV driver.. sat nav... M1,m25, etc etc.
The fastest way the nav said was over 112 miles further than going down the M1, across the a43, a34..!!!
And let's be honest, none come close to Google maps navigation

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invest in a desent sat nav i always found the Lexus navigation rubbish.......! And what Lexus and other dealers charge is extortionate 



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After being quoted £375 from my local Lexus dealer for the sat nav update and

according to them it is the same price if you have the disk or hard drive system 

I decided to make some calsl to other Lexus dealers. Tunbridge Wells Lexus

told me that they would do the update for a fixed price of £230 including vat. 

When I asked does this only apply to this particular dealership I was told that it

applied to all Lexus dealerships, strange that out of all the other dealers that i

contacted only the Tunbridge Wells one seemed know about this fixed price deal.

Well not long after booking my Lexus in for the work to be done I got a phone call

from the service department of my local dealer saying that they had not been

informed of this deal and offered to match the price. I will let you all form your

own opinion about this one but needless to say I would rather drive the 30+ miles

to a dealer that is upfront and honest rather than the 2 miles to my local one.

So if anyone is thinking of getting there sat nav updated it's £230 fixed price deal

not £375 or any other number they come up with. Not sure if this is a limited time

offer I will check when the car goes in on the 20th and let you all know.


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