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Hi again as a follow on from my earlier post. Sat nav update for my 2010 is250 se-l.

I have now removed the facia panel below the sat nav screen and there is no DVD

drive there so that answers one of the questions that I asked in my earlier post.

I now know that I need a hard drive update for the sat nav and not a DVD version as

I was told by my local Lexus dealer. 

So I would like to carry out a little price comparison check. If any of you guys out there

have had there sat nav hard drive updated recently (not DVD type) how much did Lexus

charged for it and which dealer was it.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


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I haven't got the same car as you so I don't know for sure but, some cars have the entertainment DVD in the front and the navigation DVD in a unit in the boot, so it may be woth a look in there 'just in case' before you can definitively say that you have a hard drive system.

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Do you have USB ports?


I think 2010 has USB ports and maps are loaded onto HDD. Only Lexus can do it and is expensive.

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Hi , I have the mark Levinson system with the hard drive on my 2011 .I was quoted £185 for the update when I had the air bag recall done Aug last year at Bolton; I declined and bought a tom tom I can use in both cars for the same money 


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