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My son (21) currently drives a classic mini on his own insurance and I am a named driver. I have my own insurance for my car.

He is getting a different car for work but we are keeping the mini.

What would be the best way to insure his new car and the mini?

I thought that if he transferred his mini insurance to the new car including his no claims bonus and I took out a new policy for the mini and had him and me as named drivers would be the cheapest option, but it seems that a seconds car policy is very expensive for the mini even though it spends 95% of the time in a locked garage. Presumably because there is no no-claims bonus to apply to this second car.

Any suggestion on the best way to proceed?




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I do know that NCB can only be allocated to one car at a time but that's as far as my knowledge goes. What about a multi-car policy?

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Contact your current insurer.....

Mine gave me 5 years NCB to use against the second car without it affecting the main policy..

Got to be worth a phone call

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