Mark L-J

Accessories!? '55 RX400h SE-L

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Hi all.

My first Lexus will be ready on Monday. It's big, blue and seems to have every extra. It has a rear nudge bar and side steps which are great. The chrome strips round the lights may be a bit much.... So I googled replacements and found some awesome LED strip tail lights (at £500!!!) If anyone knows a better source, I'd love to know. Aliexpress no longer have them.... I'm going to need a tow bar for a caravan.  I saw some comments about small batteries that run flat quickly and links to chargers that connect to the EOBD plug.  Does anyone have any ideas where I can source accessories for it? Ebay seems full of second hand bits or rubber mats. My three girls are missing my Delica and I need to make this new vehicle quirky enough to take their minds off it! Anyone got an awesome accessory ideas they can share?



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