M4 Speed limits in Wales cut to 50mph

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A sign of things to come methinks. Affecting short stretches of the motorway now, but as time goes on I can see this being extended along with the clean air zones that will stop (non-electric) vehicles from entering towns and cities. So, while many drivers and driving organisations have been softly campaigning for an increase to motorway speed limits, actually it is more likely they will decrease to help limit pollution...

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Have used that stretch of road almost every weekend for the past three years and I have nightmares about it - doesn't matter what time of day you're almost guaranteed a queue as you approach the Newport tunnel, it's bloody awful 🙂

Heard recently that local government had cancelled the relief road (which I believe has been 'planned' for 20yrs or more), citing environmental damage etc. Fair enough, but there hasn't been any alternative mooted - no deals with public transport, increased train volume etc. or anything else to help alleviate the bottleneck. Just a "carry on as you were" and more misery for thousands of motorists every day.

If they're trying to keep Wales for the Welsh and stop tourist and other traffic coming from Bristol that's one way I suppose! 🙂

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