Newbie. 2005 RX300

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Just saying hi. Picked up a 2005 RX300 to replace an estate that we use for the kids, dog etc.....

3 owners, 86,000 miles. Seems a good runner but no evidence of timing belt change in the history, although there are 10 stamps in there. 

Typically both keys have damage and will need replacing and the car needs a new Battery

Otherwise I am amazed at the build quality of the car and how it drives. 

We are in a Cheshire and I’ll be looking for a decent specialist. The site looks great and full of good advice. 

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Hi Ken and welcome to the club. 

Before we got our current RX450h we had a 2005 RX300 for a couple of years so I know you'll enjoy your new car - we need to see pictures when you can get them 🙂

I'm not really sure why there's a 'new members area' because you'll get more response from the dedicated RX forum so I'd recommend you post in there next time you start a topic.

Keys - this guy on eBay will supply new blank keys and cut them for you from the key number if you have it or just from a photo of your existing key blade. The key cases are empty so you just take the electronics out of your existing key and transfer the unit to the new key.

If you already have a trusted garage or mechanic there's no need to look for a specialist. Yes it's a Lexus, but it's still just 'a car' and there's nothing unusual about it that any good mechanic couldn't tackle. All work on our RX300 (apart from the LPG conversion) was done by my usual garage, including timing belt and water pump, without any problems whatsoever.

Finally, just enjoy :thumbsup:

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Thanks Herbie. Found that guy on eBay and 2 replacements on their way. All from a photo. 

Found a Lexus/Toyota mechanic within 12 miles of us so it’s going to him next week. 


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Have a quick look up under the front bumper of your Lexus. I had the same issue with damaged keys and then one day as I had it on my ramp doing a service, I noticed this plastic bag cable tied under the front bumper. I couldn't believe it when I unwrapped it to find a spanking new key!!

Slapped a new Battery in the remote (it has been there for 15 years) and it's now my main key!

Bit of a long shot but worth a look!6b474603df7cad8c85b17d13b4a08a78.jpg

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