RX350 new water pump, AC not working...

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I'm just wondering...

Our RX350 has just had its water pump replaced. Not a small job as you know.

I noticed that the AC ( regassed about 3 months ago and all fine ) is not working.

When the AC is on, the revs don't change and the air is not cold and I cannot hear 'it' kicking on and off.

Could there be a link or is it just bad luck?



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Maybe the mechanic had to disconnect something for easier access and missed reconnecting it?

Fuse blown?

I think there's a 'fail-safe' that stops the aircon working if there's no gas in there so I know you said that it was only regassed 3 months ago, but again, if something has been knocked or disturbed while the other work has been going on it could have leaked out - what does your sight glass tell you?


Just found this handy chart too:


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It looks like you have a leakage of gas at the sight gauge in the picture. The green deposit being a mixture of compressor oil, and altra violet leak marker dye from the system. Difficult to prove, but very likely to have been caused by the pipe work being moved.


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