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Crimson Red

New Geezer with GS450H (2012)

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Hi everyone... so I used to have a IS300H Premier in Mesa Red... loved it... then saw a GS450H Premier in Crimson Red... like that as well so ran both deciding which I’d keep... anyways IS300H went & GS450H stayed... & have slightly modded along the way... lol !!  

Now I’m getting an itch for a IS F... in red... lol... but White will suffice !!  

Anyone know anything about these 2... im looking at 2010 onwards... ideally the 2012> with the DRL’s... but 2010 if it has USB/DAB !! 

Quick question... do any of the IS F’s have BSM & folding mirrors when locking/unlocking... or can these be swapped out for say IS300H ones !?

Cheers everyone





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This is how I got the GSH totally standard... & now !!  



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I was about to say welcome to a new fellow 4GS owner.... and then recognised your car from Facebook!

Still, good to see you here. We could form a Red 4GS subgroup!

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