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Hi folks

Am a new Lexus rc300 owner - hello to people on the forum here!

What a beautiful car - will actually say my dream car since I first saw one a few years ago, so comfortable to drive too.

Only criticism I can make is Lexus spend all this time & money creating the stunning aesthetics - and then a great plastic, cheap number plate gets stuck on the front.

Have been reading around on legislation and Piston Heads etc for possible alternatives. Have ranged from people on PH saying remove entirely (which I'm not keen on, it's illegal and I don't want the inconvenice of being pulled over) to the square plates you get on import models.

Feel the RC is impacted more by the front plate with the big Predator-mouth type grill than say the German marques (although realise this is subjective). Just a quick topic really to see if anyone has done anything different with their RC or have any thoughts/suggestions?

Would be very grateful for any reply!



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Just picked up mine today, coming from a VW Arteon. What a car!! Drives so sweetly and looks the nuts as a bonus. I mod all my cars and this will be no exception. Its a white 300h f sport. Just ordered Lexus puddle lights and a Maxton design gloss black spoiler.

Keen to do something with the front plate too. Was thinking of a sticker style one on the lhs of the grille beneath the headlights. May order one for the sake of a tenner to see what it looks like.

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I think a standard plate breaks up the large grill quite nicely and to me having a personal plate adds to this. Not sure an import plate would improve the situation that has been raised.

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