speedometer problems

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A couple of weeks ago got into my '95 LS400 started it and noticed that the rev counter wasn't working, started off and noticed that the speedometer wasn't working either. A couple of miles down the road the rev counter began functioning 2 miles further on the speedo began working. All seemed okay on the next 4 journeys, then this morning, set off, same fault again, only this time the rev counter started working but no speedo at all. Any clues please. 

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Normally dried grease on the spindles, have you tried slapping the dash above to see if things free up?

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Hi steve2006,

Not tried that, but will do in a mo. Keep you informed on results.

How easy is it to re-grease the spindles?


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a while ago, maybe a year or two, the dials on mine stopped working even after a sensible thud ..............  my indy thought she might need a replacement dash set-up ( huge expense from lexus btw ) so I left it and after maybe a year ( not sure ) she started working fine again and continues to this day .....  fingers xd

I think stuff just dries up in there and weather at her age plays a part in the ease of workings :whistling:

it's NOT an MOT failure he told me


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