blackvue dr900s 2ch hardwiring

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hi guys i need help to find the always powerd fuse to hardwire my dashcam.

i try reading the post that have posted but the only thing i found is a link to a matt how to guide wich i can't see or download.

i post 2 foto of my internal fuse box

ty for the help



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Are you sure you want it permanently powered and not switched with the ignition?

I would normally say P/Outlet No.1 but I think it's ignition switched. Best way to check/find one is to use a multimeter to check for voltage when ignition is off - if you really need it permanently powered.

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I’d only wire it to a permanent feed if a power magic pro was installed as well. That way it will cut power when the Battery gets to a pre determined level so you don’t flatten it. Used one for several years now on three different cars and never had a problem.

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