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I’m French and currently looking at Es used ads.

Yesterday, I saw some Es 350 week on the US market and it seems to be that non-Fsport models doesn’t have a spoiler on the top of the trunk unlike Fsport models.

I love the ES without this spoiler. Do you think we can remove this spoiler from à European ES ?



Je suis Français et regarde actuellement les annonces d’ES d’occasion.

Hier, j’ai vu que les ES 350 non FSport sur le marché américain n’avaient pas de spoiler sur le coffre contrairement aux modèles FSport.

J’adore l’ES dans ce spoiler. Pensez vous qu’on puisse enlever ce spoiler sur une ES européenne ?


Merci ;)



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I would think removing the spoiler would leave holes in the boot lid.  It’s only a guess though as the spoiler may be stuck on with 3M tape but I would think it’s probably bolted on.  You could of course have the holes filled and the boot lid repainted but that’s a lot of money.



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Assuming that the fittings are the same, I suppose you could get a boot lid imported from either the US or Japan. I think this may be easier than having an existing lid altered.


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