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As above, I am looking into getting an LS460 and want to quickly find out what basic things I should check for. I've tried the search, but could not find
anything specifically about the LS460 within the first couple of pages... but if there is something on this that you know about, plse re-direct me there...

A little about my toyota / Lexus car history:

2007 to 2017: had 5 Soarers (first was a 2.5 TT, then 4 separate 4.0 litre V8s)
2017-present: a 2005 GS430 sport.

Loving the GS430, but it's just gone thru the 150k miles mark and am thinking of something else / upgrading.

I've looked at a few LS460 for-sale ads on ebay/autotrader, and think I'm slightly moving away from the GS430 and perhaps moving to the LS460. There are a few possible
ones, with varying degrees of mileage, but apart from checking for recent cambelt replacements (and water pump replacements), is there anything
else I should investigate or watch out for when inspecting the cars?

Even though I think I'm more interested in the LS than getting a lower mileage GS430, I still have a few wee niggling doubts that I might miss
the speed and agility of the GS430... has anyone else gone from owning a GS430 to an LS460?... what were your reactions & feelings afterwards? Did you regret the
decision / love it / ambivalent?

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460 has a chain 😉

Service history is about risk. Otherwise bounce the corners to check shocks, check all the electrics, floppy glovebox is 30 mins work, preferable would be replaced arms (or bushes), brakes are diy cheap. 





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