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So, after being so chuffed with my recent LS400 purchase, we decided to sell our modern daily and now plan to also buy an LS460, 2006-2011 model year to take it's place, but the question is as per the title of this thread, do they still have a cambelt or are they a camchain?

Also, are there any model specific issues to be aware of as I'm hopefully going to view one tomorrow some distance away, so any help quickly would be much appreciated!

I've also contemplated the possibility of an LS600H, however, due to the additional upfront cost, the only real advantage I can see is the reduced tax cost, as economy seems no better, the figures suggest they're marginally slower and they're around 50% more expensive like for like.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


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The 460 has a timing chain.

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