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Well...... was browsing the net and came across this altezza - if you can call it that!

It basically is a cross bred Altezza and CLK hybrid.

I have pics if someone can host or tell me where to upload?? :unsure:

Mercedes front grill, mercedes rear lights and rear bumper, JDM Altezza lights.) :ph34r:

Up for auction at the moment if anyone is interested (perhaps Matt has seen it??) :ohmy:

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  whats even more bizzare to get "the look" they have even moved the exhaust

Must admit if I saw that 'rear end' I wouldn't have thought it was a fugly altezza, just a fugly merc! :P

Good resemblance though.....

Those crazy japanese doods eh? Without them we wouldn't be seeing 1000bhp plus road cars.......

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