Daylight running lights on older RX450

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7 hours ago, Herbie said:

Well I'm sorry John but I don't agree with any of that and I think you're not giving the motoring public enough credit - or me, for that matter, when you say "Then you have probably not noticed, or thought to notice"

There is no doubt whatsoever that some drivers do as you say but out of the hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of cars out there with DRLs, I'll bet there's one percent or less who use them incorrectly.

What are you actually saying - that you would do away with DRLs altogether?

Thanks Herbie. Not wanting to offend you at all. I do enjoy reading your contributions.

What I am saying is that DRL`s are good/ invaluable  from a Road Safety perspective  as it allows people and vehicles in front of you to see you more speedily and therefore be aware of your presence.

Sadly, there are a number of motorists who think that DRL`s are a substitute for using side lights and or dipped headlights and seem to be unaware that many/most of them do not afford other drivers to have good visibility of their vehicle from the rear.


I hope that clears matters.

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Absolutely no problem whatsoever John. 

I don't take offence easily anyway, but please rest assured that nothing you've said here offends me in any way at all my friend  😊

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