Can a buckled wheel be reliably repaired?

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Hi all, 

I'm looking to get the alloys on my LS430 refurbished. It looks like they were previously refurbed at some point as the paint looked new, albeit with orange peel. However, I've since curbed one and more importantly, one of them is buckled which came to light when I had my local garage do an alignment and (attempt to) balance the wheels. The garage put extra weights on the buckled one to even it out so now it's not so noticeable and fine for my usual driving around town. However, I'm planning a European road trip next year and I certainly don't want to be blasting down the autobahn with a wobbly wheel. 

So my question is, can a buckled wheel be safely straightened out by a decent wheel refurbishing place or should I look to buy another wheel?

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Yes they can. Reinventing the wheel at Tewkesbury I  know does this and an acquaintance had them do this successfully on a Range Rover Sport. I'm sure someone near you can do it. 

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