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Are My Revs Correct

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Hello can someone help i have noticed that when doing 70-80 mph

on the motorway IS200 Sport is reving at around 3500 rpm in 6th gear

is this correct as i was driving a 1.9tdi Renault Laguna for a friend

the other day and that was reving at 2500 rpm in 6th gear (4Cyl)

As my Lexus has a 2.0 Engine and is 6cyl i would have thought the revs would be lower.

when my car is idling it is around 800rpm so i dont thing the clock is faulty

sorry but not to technicaly minded can someone help

Thanks Matt :blush:

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Ive got a IS200 Sport '02' and at 3000rpm my speed is about 64mph, i drove a IS300 the other day and at 3000rpm i was doing about 80mph !

By the way clocks show the max speedo limit on the IS200 is 140mph, and the IS300 has 160mph :lol:

Altezza shows 180!!! :D :D

Although this was originally meant to be in KM`s.... still looks gos when people gaze at the clock set!!

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6th gear seems to more about getting you from 95 to 130 as quick as possible not for low fuel economy (from my track experience :whistling: ). any more technical opinions on this?

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5th and 6th is very closely spaced in terms of ratio. The rev difference between the 2 is not much.

I thought 6th was basically designed as a motorway gear, not great at anything except lowering the revs a little. They probably could't space it out too much otherwise there would be even less power to overtake etc. Hence it not really being an overdrive.

IS200 has problem that all the power and torque is about the 4k mark!!

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