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There is currently no listing for genuine  Lexus ES mud flaps.  Always surprised that Lexus will do flaps for some of their range but not for others.   Until such time as Lexus decide to make them I have ordered these, a knock off design but before you laugh out loud here is a company who are saying quite clearly they are for the 2019 Lexus ES and the photos on E Bay seem to show a lot of detail in relation to the shape and fixing locations.   Anyway for £25 for 4 they have to be worth a go.   If they are rubbish I'll let you know.   



Flaps 2.jpg

flaps 3.jpg

Flaps 4.jpg

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Fitted the 4 mud flaps for my ES today.  These flaps are a perfect 100% accurate fit and utilise existing Lexus  locating points in the front and rear wing liners, no gaps between the bodywork and the flaps, perfect shape that follows the contours of the body panels.  At £25  they represent a great deal for fussy owners who want to protect the front area of the body sills and the rear lower areas of the rear bumper.      Given that Lexus don't sell flaps for the ES these ones took 2 minutes a corner to fit because they were designed by this Chinese company specifically for the ES.   Well pleased.    There are 3 sets left on E Bay.   Type the address below into E Bay if your keen to have a set and it should result in the site I found.   They arrived in 7 days from China.




Front Mudflaps ES 2.jpg

Front Mudflaps ES.jpg

Rear Flaps.jpg

Rear Flaps 2.jpg

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