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AB4C0282-53AF-416A-A464-516E9F9C4A0B.thumb.jpeg.bf37b9e41323e517b85bed08e50061ad.jpegWent to Prescott and did a bit9BE7E80A-05E3-4E7D-8A9D-05E085DFB80F.thumb.jpeg.9699382090f8dc240f93c954d4078d08.jpeg of hill climbing.

The Car was far more agile than you may think. 

The 4 wheel steering helped a lot!




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Great car. Great place: my in-laws live at the bottom of the hill!

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Interesting comment about the 4WS. I certainly couldn't feel it working when I test drove the top model on the road. What sort of thing do you notice on the track? I see that you didn't have the "wing" extended. I assume that the body roll shown is in the Sport Plus mode.

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The car was in sports plus + mode and from inside the car you did not feel too much roll. Much better than I was expecting considering the car was outside its intended mode.

You are right that during normal road driving you don’t notice the 4ws but you could really experience the back end tightening the rear end when turning into sharper corners at speed

The wing was in its normal automatic mode, but to show you I was trying here is a picture of the car with the wing 


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