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Anyone gone from GS450H (2012) to IS-F (2012)

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... just wondering on your thoughts... or possibly a similar swap like GSH > GSF/RCF !? 🙂

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Not a GS450h but I went from an IS250  to a GSF and we also currently have a 2012 RX 450h. 

The GSF is currently averaging  20mpg  over the 1000 miles that we have covered. That included one 290 mile trip from Newcastle to Bristol ( where it averaged 30mpg with a far from economical driving style) with the remaining miles being around town. I consider this to be pretty good considering the car hasn't even warmed up before I arrive at  work and my IS250 averaged around 23mpg over the same type of driving. As a rough comparison, our RX450h averages around 28-30 mpg , again over same type of driving,  and we are very happy with this. 

Insurance wise, the GSF cost no more to insure than the IS250  and  less than the RX450h, which I find unbelievable but of course, i'm not complaining!!! 

The service plan on the GSF also cost less than that on the IS250 which had reached 110000 miles so I guess a big service or two was looming.  

Warranty wise, the GSF  costs the same as the rest of the GS range. 

Just like @hockeyedwards, we have 0 regrets. 


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