EGR and DPF Terraclean to the rescue

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Hi all,

Well over the weekend my dash board lit up like with the engine management, traction control and check VSC! Car goes into limp mode. My car has 120k and has been brilliant since I have owned it.

Made a call to terraclean and found a technician who came out within a few hours. 

Checked my EGR valve and cleaned it, then I took it out for a drive with the technician who had his tablet connected to car but sadly when I went to give it some the car went into limp mode again.

back to the house and the technician gets the stuff out to put through the DPF filter. After about 40 minutes we go for another drive this time steady and he sets of the regen on the car while watching the temps. Car does what it’s supposed to do and I’m back up and running. 

I have since 140 mile and all is well. Cost £200 



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