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Ls400 Misting Problem


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Hi Guyz

Seeing as I found this haven of Lexus delight, I thought I'd ask another question that has irritated me for months. I have a 'H' reg 400. Only problem is (other than the fuel / wont go problem in an earlier post *sniff*) is that my radio/air con displays have gotten very misted up. It started with a slight amount that cleared up after the car warmed up but now its completely opaque when the car is stood. and takes ages (hours) to clear itself before coming back when its been stood. It had that problem when I first got the car but the garage cleared it up. I know its a water/damp based problem but how do i get to it and clear it up myself?

Again - thanks a lot.

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My whole CAR gets misted up! Perhaps because I keep it outside, so the damp gets in?

Am I the only one who thinks that the de-mist situation in The LS400 isn't as good as the rest of the car? Seems to steam up in winter, and the heating system doesn't blow out fast enough.

Perhaps I need to have it checked. (I had a Jeep Cherokee that would be like a hair dryer on full speed! You could fly a kite (small one!) on the air blast!)

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