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Pick this LS 400 up for £400 last weekend it has 175000 miles 4  owners  From new has  private numberplate  That I had  valued  At £750 the car is mint there’s no rush no where. So Iv now  squirrelled it away  frozen in time I should of taken better  pictures of car I will take better pictures at sum point just  thought I’d share my good luck with you all..









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400 quid?? Goodness me!

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wow what a deal


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Right  result the number plate makes my money back I’m putting it away for a  couple  Of years. As I have 2 more ls400 one I’m useing that’s got LPG on it and one I’m  Breaking I’m putting the  Engine in my much love is200 once engine in Iv got two  turbos to put on. I’m after a  supercharger  For it as well I no  they make one for it in the states  About £600 plus post cost so I’m looking in to that. I’m going to do a  video on the  build  That I will post on here I’m looking at about 8 months hopefully So  Watch this    Space. JASON 

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