4G GS 450h Recirculation mode smell - it's like melted crayon

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I've just picked up a '14 GS 450h F-sport and imported her into Ireland - lovely car and a worthy successor to the IS-F I used to own (sold to a club member a few years ago)!

Anyways, I've been messing about a good bit today on a weird cabin smell issue: the cabin a smells a bit like melted crayons or kinda metally to others! 

When I got the car is did have a musty smell as it had been sat for a bit. But now after running her a few weeks the smell is still there - I've just done a cabin filter change, sprayed isopropyl alcohol into intake fans etc and I found that now, the A/C smells fine and clean/fresh in all but re-circulation mode. When I set it to that mode I can smell the crayon smell coming directly out of the front vents for sure and that does seem to be the source... In reciruc mode, is there another filter I can change and where is the intake vent located for this mode - maybe something has fallen in there (like a crayon haha)?

It's not the worst smell it's just annoying as the small gets worse if the car isn't used for a few days - the cabin stinks of melted crayon. 

Any suggestions on how I can find source?

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