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Hi all

I am a new owner of a 2014 F-Sport I did post to the new members page but no one replied so i thought I would say hello here.

I have moved to this car from a 2010 Honda Civic Type R. We owned the Honda for 7 years and the difference between that and the Lexus is night and day. Owning the Type R was a silly idea which I had many years ago, I had always wanted one and to be fair it did serve us well with no major issues. The downside was 29mpg on a good day and close to £300 per annum tax also being a "boy racer" car you had people trying to race you which got tiring very quickly and the suspension was rock solid. When I first started looking at the CT many dealers (not Lexus) tried to put me off buying one telling me I would be bored coming from a Type R and to look for something with more poke, It took me two years to make the leap and I am very happy with my decision. It makes no sense to directly compare these two cars but when I look at how busy the roads are nowadays, the cost of driving, environmental impacts and me growing up the Lexus ticks all the boxes. The thing I find interesting is how much the CT is slated by the motoring press too slow, hard ride, old tech blah blah if I went on these reviews alone I would never have considered it yet when you look at owners reviews people love it. This was the same for the Civic which just goes to show how much the "professional" reviewers actually know.

Anyway this forum seems like a decent place to pick up hints and tips, the only thing I am struggling with at the min is the connected services for the professional Nav (google street view etc). I have made an account on mylexus and I assume I use that to log in?

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Welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of good advice on here, and plenty of helpful members who often seem to know their cars better than the dealers themselves!

I agree with you: the CT is a cracking car. While I don't own one - it is too small for my requirements - I have driven plenty as courtesy cars over my years of Lexus ownership. The press have often posted harsh comments about the car, but it seems like the motoring press just don't get Lexus cars. As you say, owners can't be all wrong and the CT is consistently voted as one of the top 5 most reliable cars in the UK.

Of course, you won't be fully accepted on the forum until you have posted pics of your new purchase! 🙂

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In November last year I bought a CT200 F sport Premier, I was a little apprehensive about buying it, like you said the reviews were awful and and my previous car was a fiesta ST mark 7 it was a little pocket rocket but driving it round Bristol with the 20mile speed limits everywhere the car couldn’t be driven to its full potential and I was constantly changing gear, the suspension was so hard, in comparison the CT was like driving a bouncy castle. 

I haven’t once regretted my decision, it’s nice getting out the car without a broken back, it’s so easy to drive, never driven an automatic until now, My ST was loaded with gadgets but my CT has more. I actually like driving again now, it is a different driving experience but one that I have come to love. Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do. 


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Out on country roads I find the handling brilliant, quick turn in to corners with little body role.

I've got an 2019 version (you may read about my issue with noise entering cabin elsewhere!), just wondering if you have upgraded suspension fitted on your car? It now comes as standard.

Cars suit the individual.

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Will get some pictures up soon. Not sure about upgraded suspension I read somewhere that is was added to the 2014 cars onwards - more welds. I also read that the F-Sport has different suspension. What I can say is the ride still feels firm but nothing compared to my old car similar to what Kas63 said above. The CT is much more refined, I really struggle to see the purpose of hot hatches nowadays, maybe because I am older but with the changes in emission laws, speed limits, cameras, more traffic why bother? I live in Newcastle and there is lots of talk about the introduction of a congestion zone, with a car like the CT I will be exempt which is another plus.

I think in the future I would go all electric but at present the initial outlay is just too expensive, second hand residual values are unclear and new technology electric car tech is progressing too rapidly to know where the smart money goes. At present Hybrid makes sense and the CT ticks many boxes.

I did test drive the new Corolla Hybrid 2.0 which was a nice car and very tempting but there was no way I was paying for depreciation.

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