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2019 RX450 Navigation - Send to car?

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This is my first Lexus, new RX450 bought about 3 weeks ago, and all going well so far.  The one area that seems quite disappointing is the Lexus Link to car type facility.  Having been used to Range Rovers and Mercedes the facility seems quite primitive.  Prepared to accept that it may be me being incredibly thick of course.

I have:

Loaded the Lexus link app on my smartphone and entered the multimedia details from the car

I have a Lexus user account

I have linked the phone to the car using both Bluetooth and the phones wifi hotspot

I have created a few journeys in Lexus Link and it says they are synced with the car but I can't seem to find out how to download.

I get as far as trying to log into the car with my Lexus userid )email address) and password but the username appears character length restricted (looks like 16 characters) at which point the keyboard goes inactive.

It feel s like I am missing something obvious but I can't see it.

Anybody managed to make it work?

Gratefully appreciate any advice

Many thanks


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Did u get it sorted. I have the same problems 



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Hi Alan,

Yes, through perseverance i did but decided it wasn't worth the effort.  From memory i connected the car to the internet via the POP on my phone.  from the navigation menu you can then download the journeys you saved but in all honesty you gain nothing, far quicker just to enter the destination in the car.  it's very clunky and embarrassingly poor, can't imagine the Americans putting up with this system but it looks like they get an enhanced system.  At least I actually got it to work whereas the dealer never managed it....

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