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I recently got a 2008 IS250 and straight away I noticed the intake temp would get rather warm when in traffic. After changing the the air filter and cleaning the MAF/Intake Temp sensor temperatures reduced by around 10 degrees in traffic but it still regularly get to 40. I noticed there is a blanking plate on the upper front grill that almost completely blocks all air flow (see pic). Has anyone removed this and had decent reductions in temperature? I can only guess this is there to assist warm up in the winter. 



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Removed the backing from my old IS (see picture) and updated the grille. Have removed it from my current one also as it does improve the airflow. Cant say i have noticed any issue with heat...cant say due to the removal of the backing either that i have noticed any more debris entering the engine bay (i thought i would but not noticed)

Not removed for any performance related issue - just wanted the grille to match the lower one so never re-fitted the cover back with the new grille.



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I wasn't willing to part with £70/80 for the F style grill, although it does look really good, so I went ahead and removed the blanking plate. It has definitely help reduce those intake temps a fair bit. Also cools things down quicker after I break free from traffic and wasn't to hard to do. It was just held onto the grill with some kind of rubber/plastic adhesive. Most of which I pried off with a plastic trim tool. A couple of bits were more stubborn so I hit it with a heat gun first.

Now I have all that extra fresh air coming through I will see if I can mount my oil catch can behind the upper grill.







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