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Hello guys,

It has come time to part with my Lexus IS220D F-Sport edition, I have owned it for 6 years, and enjoy every minute spent in it.

The only reason for selling it,is the point that 3rd child is on the way, and there wont be enough space for all 3 kids in back row.

But, what makes me happy, I will somehow still stay in relative family, as I have find very good Toyota Verso fron 2016 with 56000km on the clock with still remainign 2 years warrenty. The car is not so powerfull and eyecatching, but it is very good price for what I'm getting and it has enough space for everyone and everything.

If anyone on here has Toyota Verso 1.6 Diesel, from 2016, you can post your oppinions and what to look for in it, what are the problems, where are some hidden tricks.


Thank you all guys for having me and help me solve some general problems and questions tha have arisen during this 6 years of ownership.


Maybe, in some further future, we will meet again.

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We had a Verso seven seater back in 2006 when our kids were still very small and it turned out to be a great car,being economical and practical as well as reliable.The three individual back seats which moved independently were great as well as all the seats folding flat which was great for trips to the dump and picking up large items.

Good luck with your new one and I’m sure there even better these days.

This was ours back then.



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Thank you Mate,

We are going for 5 seater, it must be enough, the children factory is closing after this one for sure. 😅

I am glad that I got JAP car, as, since long time, in my family always were JAP cars as big ones. Only problem for me it, that it has BMW 1.6 diesel which is from MINI Cooper. But I guess Toyota made it even better and more reliable that BMW. 

I have test drive it, and it lacks power in compare to 130kw in IS, but still can feel it pulling away nice for a family car.


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