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I have a 1993 LS400 import from Hong Kong and I believe the member Steve2006 on the site has a Celsior from Japan.  I can see that Steve knows these cars well and I would like to ask him for some advice.

I want to put red/clear tail lights on my car but the only ones I can get are in the USA.  The only retailer that has got back to me out of the two I have found says that the US spec lights will be different to mine.  I have looked everywhere and looked at that many photos its getting ridiculous.  I just want to know if US spec lights will fit the Hong Kong version I have.  The US retailer says that the boot lock on the US tail lights is closer to the edge than mine and in some photos I can see what he means but in others it looks the same.

If Steve is out there I would appreciate his help and advice.  One more thing, I am almost certain I bought clear indicators from Steve as well on eBay.  Small world!

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you could send him a personal message on here too !


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