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Hey people!

First post on the lexus forums!

Firstly, im looking for a nice IS200, ill either be trading in my w reg focus 2.0 4dr ghia or 1.6 astra 02 plate against one, i dont know what car to trade in for one.

The question is im looking for a tidy example around about the 10k mark, and pay the diffrence on the trade in value just by finance.

Im also hoping to find one with Sat/Nav too just for the fun of having it! :)

Can anyone recommend some subtle touches to the car? ive mostly been a ford man, so i dont know much on subtle bodystyling on the lexus.

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Sounds Good!

Can anyone help me out with the diffrent models?

Whats the best model to get? S, SE or just the normal ?

What one comes with the sat/nav system? I requested a test drive on the lexus website and put down IS200 Sport.

Between all the few versions is the engine spec the same?

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Engine is the same across all the IS200s. Full specs are on the Lexus web site.

S (now called just the IS200) only has cloth seats, no sunroof, different stereo etc. SE has all the toys, sport has lowered suspension, spoiler, LSD.

Sat nav is an option

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go for the SE or the Sport. S is not really worth the bother unless you are strapped for cash and want a newer plate on a lower spec car etc!

They don't hold their value as well and will probably not be too easy to shift later!

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I would consider upping your budget a bit. My original budget was 10, but I ended parting with 15, lexus main dealer was brilliant, sorted out a brilliant 2 year finance package, rac checks, the lexus warranty etc etc I have no regrets about getting it from a main dealer.

For 10K i found most of them to S models, very FEW had sat nav, and most between 80-120k on the clock. I was looking around auctions, trade centres, privates etc. One place not mentioning any names, had people sitting in the cars taking bits even tho SOLD was written on the car.... :blink:

P.S LeedsLad has his old lex for sale ;)

And Part with the FIXED OR REPAIRED DAILY :)

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