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Just got back from Sri Lanka , Toyota and Lexus or popular there . I noted a really nice SUV called Toyota Harrier , would love one if they were available in UK , but I don’t think they are available in UK ?

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Weren't they rebadged as the  Lexus RX in export markets?

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Yes , just read that myself , but when seeing them on the road , I didn’t see a similarity but I guess now looking again , at pictures of the Harrier I can now see the connection with the RX . Nice looking car and nice interior, pity it’s not sold here , with 5 year warranty!!

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On 9/7/2018 at 2:38 PM, Vlady said:

If anyone is interested, just found online.

Britain's most reliable cars: 

Most reliable (executive class): Volvo V60 (2010-2018), rubber ups: Vauxhall Insignia and Alfa Romeo Julia!

Least reliable: Mercedes C-Class


WHAT WENT WRONG? Engine electrics 7%, sat-nav 6%, bodywork 5%, non-engine electrics 5%, battery 4%, engine 4%, interior trim 4%, brakes 3%, gearbox / clutch 3%, exterior lights 2%, steering 2%, air-con 1%, exhaust 1%, fuel system 1%, suspension 1%, 30% of cars had a fault – overall score 83.1% reliability.

OTHER POOR PERFORMERS: Jaguar XE diesel and petrol (2015 - present), 82.7% reliability; Audi A4 saloon and estate diesel (2015 - present), 91.9% reliability

A prestige brand isn’t always an indicator of superior quality, as the data for the Mercedes C-Class shows - nearly a third of cars had a problem. Most cars were back on the road within a week and only a few owners had to pay for repairs, though.

Jaguar XE owners also spend a lot of time in dealerships because 42% of cars had a fault. While there were problems in every area, the most common were brakes and interior trim (both 11%), and electrics (10%). Most cars remained driveable and were fixed in less than a day, but a few owners had to pay £500-£750.


WHAT WENT WRONG? Non-engine electrics 10%, battery 8%, engine electrics 4%, suspension 4%, bodywork 2%, brakes 2%, exhaust 2%, sat-nav 2%, wheels 2% – 31% of cars had a fault – overall score 88.7% reliability.

RUNNERS-UP: Jaguar XF saloon and estate diesel and petrol (2007 - 2015), 91.6% reliability; BMW 5 Series saloon and estate, diesel and petrol (2010 - 2017), 91.6% reliability

It seems the previous Mercedes E-Class is less problematic than the new one. Although more than 30% of cars had a fault, the most commonly affected areas were the battery, and non-engine electrics. Most cars could still be driven and only a few owners faced bills of up to £750.

It’s the same story with the Jaguar XF: the older car is significantly more resilient than its successor. Although 35% of cars had an issue, the most common affected the brakes (10%), while there were also problems with bodywork, interior trim, air-con and sat-nav. Three quarters of cars were driveable and most were fixed under warranty.

BMW’s previous 5 Series also marginally outperforms the latest model. Some 31% of owners reported a fault, most frequently on the exhaust and engine (both 6%), followed by engine electrics (4%).

Really pleased to see the XF on the list as reliable car . We had one issue with 2009 XF , and apart from that it was perfect for nearly 5 years of ownership 

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The Harrier is the RX300 here. Someone on this forum has one and I think it looks almost identical but I'm sure his only has a 2 litre engine, but may well be wrong.

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Yeah the Harrier is the Toyota branded RX, it was present for all generations right from the start.  

There's plenty of deviation in the model specifications and trim levels (there's 2WD and 2.4 petrol engines for example) but for the most part the mechanicals are similar.  

I deal with a lot of JDM stuff and have brought in a few brochures and magazines from Japan featuring them as I found it all rather interesting :



Not your average RX driver..



Lots of options



Gen1 Harrier


Concept images :






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