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Hello guys,

Although I am not from the UK, love your forum, learned a lot about what to check when buying my future lexus purchase.

I have a question, which might be more opinion base, and would appreciate any answer.


I am in the market for a used Lexus, where I stand money wise, is fully loaded Ct 200h models from 2014-2015 with about 100000 km, or a very base model 2013 IS 300h (130000-150000 km).

My driving is a mix of city driving for 5-6 days, and also an 8 hour long drive once a week.

I've driven a CT200h for about 10 minutes few months ago, in town, and I absolutely loved it, coming from my current 26 yr old car. 

I am just wondering, due to the longer ride, which gets me quite tired and i am quite annoyed by the noise of my old car, is the IS a better option for me, as I read it's much quieter at highway speeds?


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Welcome. Provided that CT requires less gasoline and maintenance costs, IS is better.

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