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Diy Wheel Painting-plasti Kote......


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I was in the local hardware store picking up a few bits. While I was browsing I came across this spray paint called Plasti-Cote Brill Metallice Silver, it had beautiful chrome top, hence the reason why I was drawn towards it. And I bet most of know the first thing that came into my mind, WILL IT DO THE alloys? and more importantly WILL IT LOOK ANY GOOD??

The tin says its suitable for any surface, however I am very sceptical about the results. Does anyone have any experience with these paints?

Because most places, I've read about DIy reburbs, said chrome paint looks :tsktsk: .

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No it will not do the alloys it is a very soft finish and will damage easily .

Even with 4 coats and a couple of coats of laquer on top? :blink:

I was just looking to do the visible area.........

O well never mind :(

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its funny how those beautifull chrome tops look nothing like what comes out the can


Is it even worth experiment with on the spare?

chrome is an expensive chemical/electroloysis treatment

it dont come out of cans

give it a try but dont expect any more than a silver colour

try it on something else though, or you will be cursing when you try and take it off again

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I used plasticote on a spare plastic grille i had.. it was supposed to be chrome but came out silver and was crap.. stay well away... Halfords do a chome wheel spray which does actually look chrome when sprayed on.. but beware i tried it on one of my wheels with primer underneath unless you have the wheel totally smooth you will not get a good finish and it is very hard to get a smooth look on the chrome as it is shiny it shows any imperfections up and looks gastly.. i have now stripped it back off and am respraying mine with the steel look(which is more like grapite)

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thought i would add this pic.. the cover was done using halfords own alloy wheel spray chrome.. its the best i have come across yet

NOT Bad!!!

Not recommended for a beginner tho?!

Might get them done for JAE :)

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