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Finally, Joining The Family!

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Good morning, everybody!


I have just placed a deposit down on my first Lexus with the Bolton branch! Needless to say, I am very excited to be giving myself a 25th birthday present next week!

I am not new to the Lexus brand as my progenitors currently hold a selection of three, however with the lack of manual transmission options I have stuck to other manufacturers thus far. I have, however been in a market for a new commuter and have considered every brand under the sun with regards to practicality, boot space and fuel economy. Having been close to purchasing a 5 Series, I have taken my options back to Japan and couldn't resist the facelifted F Sport GS offering.

Plus with the ever pleasant service of the RRG Group (my weekend warrior is a GT86 which had been under RRG Macclesfield's very capable hands for a few years), I have been persuaded into following my father's footsteps and sticking with the well-known and reliable brand.


Very excited to join the community and hopefully pick the car up very soon to start taking her on my long journeys!

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Welcome to the forum.lets see some pics when it arrives.

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Welcome Igor, looking forward to seeing the photos!

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