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As I own two cars, the other car being a motorbility vehicle I do not use my CT200h and I am concerned that the lack of use is going to cause problems for me in the future. Is there any advice other members have or perhaps tell me the best way to store the car especially as winter will be upon us soon.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

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The main problem will be the 12V Battery as they're quite small and have quite a low capacity.

If the car is kept on a driveway rather than in a garage, you could get a solar panel trickle charger like this one here, for example.

If that's not viable because the car is garaged, it may be an idea to get one of these multi-purpose jump start Battery packs like this one here.

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To add to the above on the Battery theme, the big traction Battery is unlikely to go flat in a month or two but you ideally need to get the car out for a decent run at least every few weeks. If the traction Battery does drain down too much then it isn’t a simple thing to sort and needs kit only dealers have access to. 

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