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Are These Alloys A New Type Of Wheel?


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I'm sitting in traffic today when I see a Beemer 3 series pull up in the middle lane. Regular 3 series I think with big rims, until I see the trick.

As the wheels came to a stop, the spokes of his rims continued to turn until they eventually stopped too. As I looked closer it appeared that he had spokes underneath the top spokes, and the top spokes seemed to be an accessory or something like that. It was dark so couldn't see properly.

Can anyone shed some light on what type of wheel he had? I've never seen them before, they look cool!


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:lol::lol: they been pretty popular for the last 2/3 years within the hiphop community. Just watch MTV Base.

anyways must look ******* on a 3 series, they are only ment for (well i think looks good on) pimp cars e.g bentleys, LS's, S class etc etc.

You should get some Man?

but they probably cost 2-3 times the price of your lex.

£6k+ for a decent of 18"s, and 20"s are just ridicilous prices.

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they suite big 4 X 4s too!!

there are a few cheap plastic (?) imitations going around, but steer clear of these.

Whats worring is that, Max Power done an article of these recently... but i cant they those boy splashing out on rims cost 100 times more then their motor :lol: Having said that loads of them spend 2-50 times the cost of their motor on mods anyway :duh: e.g 3 litre Nova, originally brought for £250!!

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The thing is with 'Spinners' that YOU don't get to ever see them work! So all you get is people thinking......What a prat? or whatever?

I'd rather spend it on a better sound, or ....lifes pleasures?

Chris Skelton

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