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Which suitable 12v battery brand for replacement

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26 minutes ago, -Rich- said:

Well the 12v battery in our CT was dead this morning. It's been 3 weeks since I last used it, I hadn't realised, otherwise I would've started the car up to charge it.

Hopefully I can jump start it with the booster when I get home otherwise I'll be crawling in to the boot again to open it!

I'm certain it's the original battery so is 10 years old now. This did happen in the first lockdown too but has been fine since a recharge using my ctek. It's probably time to replace it though!

10 years for a Battery. Fantastic. If this is what the original batteries can last, we will not need a new till October 2026.

Never had a Battery lasting that long. On the other side only had one car for such a long time. Only remember having bought 2 batteries for cars and that is out of having had more than 20.

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Martin your tyre centre knows nothing about the lexus hybrid the 12v Battery powers your keyless entry ,alarm system and computers in turn the computers power up the hybrid system and starts

As Mark has already stated the 12 volt Battery does not start "as in turning the engine over" the car. The cranking amps of the Battery is also almost immaterial as the hardest job it has to do "eve

That’s way too expensive for a car Battery. I had to replace my Battery and went to the dealership and they charged me £125 with a 5 year warranty. Furthermore this is OEM. 

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Couldn't jump start it so had to crawl in to the boot! Got the Battery out and it was reading 9v! 😒 Label says 3rd December 2010 so it's done well but then it's not exactly put under a lot of stress. I've got it on charge so will see what happens.

I'm concerned there was a lot of condensation around and on the Battery, and panels with a tiny amount pooled on the floor. I'm hoping it's not a leak and just where it's not been used for 3 weeks and couldn't dry out.

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On 3/5/2021 at 5:53 PM, -Rich- said:

I'm concerned there was a lot of condensation around and on the battery

Same here noticed on a brand-new Yuasa Battery that just went in. Haven't noticed any pools though. Still got surprised as I recall reading somewhere how well it's ventilated around the hybrid system Battery to prevent it from overheating and thought that'd mean no sweating in the whole boot anymore... apparently that's not the case.

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